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May 2014: Improvements on the way!

DinoDoc is doing pretty good on my tests and soon I will make this new version available! Right now I can share some significant improvements and what is going on in the oven while DinoDoc is cooked :)

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a brick wall while testing DinoDoc with an unexpected updated on IIS, for some reason DinoDoc was getting mixed HTTP errors, varying from 403 and 405, it made me crazy trying to find the cause of the problem and later after testing everything on the book I had to stop the conventional way and use the non-sense way, which consisted of "brute-force" against the server and the result was awesome!

I discovered that IIS servers sometimes will not be fully configured to deal with WebDav to accept the method "PUT" and they will prefer to use "POST" instead, and this discovery was really significant!

Now I'm adding a couple of additional options to allow DinoDoc to run against different servers and let the user set the authentication mode switching between "PUT" and "POST", I believe this will extend DinoDoc to a whole new set of functionality and it will also allow me to use DinoDoc not only for SharePoint, it will allow me to use against any type of servers making it to a future migration from Server to Server!

The newest version of DinoDoc available now - it is stable and working!


PS: There is one typo on the dialog above, well... better use the spell checker on the next build ^ ^



Updated: October 2013

It's been a while since my last update, DinoDoc still a very simple and elegant tool for SharePoint and it is my duty to keep this little tool up to date and deliver what I promised! My time was somewhat short and confuse, I got carried away with my work and personal life, I left a stable version of DinoDoc for available and the latest stable version was pretty good already, classic authentication and claims authentication which were the main requirements for SharePoint users varying from small to large environments.

The goal now is to deliver all the goodies earlier promised and take DinoDoc to a final version, the focus now is to complete the "Options" dialog box which will deliver all the custom logical file operations: AND / OR / Overwrite / File Size / File Date

The other main goal is to improve the feedback system for the UI, right now I'm relying on very deficient mechanism, which takes a lot of time to deliver and consumes precious amount of performance from the main thread, the goal is to replace this old fashioned (to be more honest: amateur) by a Thread to empower the UI with a real time delivery system, which will accommodate another goal for this project the ability to INTERRUPT the operation once it gets started, right now if you want to stop an operation you need to force DinoDoc to be canceled by Task Manager (this is totally amateur!)

Stay tuned for more, the next version is already on its way!



What is DinoDoc?

The "Dynamic Input and Output for Documents" utility or simply known as DinoDoc is a little tool designed for batch-uploads which will help SharePoint administrators and developers to move lots of files and folders to SharePoint websites preserving the original structure from source to target without the hassle and limitations of the existing Batch Upload from the Ribbon UI!

Another goal is empower end users to take the maximum advantage of SharePoint without the help from their help desk team to help them during these long and tedious operations, enabling all types of users to consistently move huge amounts of data to SharePoint.

And the future goal, is to have the output from SharePoint without using "Windows Explorer" to perform several downloads to local and remote locations.



DinoDoc Features

DinoDoc is easy to use, all you need to do is to point to source, target and click upload (in some cases you will need to input your user id and password) and bingo! You will see DinoDoc uploading for all your files and folders from their source path to a new target destination in SharePoint.

It will rename files and folders incompatible with SharePoint naming standards, so you don't need to worry about incompatibility issues, by default SharePoint rejects files and folder with special characters and it will replace these invalid characters "_",  and it will also recreate the same file system structure from your local source on the destination server.

All operations will be logged in your screen and you can revisit everything on a separate log file (Last Operation.RTF) which you can share with you SharePoint Administrator or Help Desk Team later, if DinoDoc get a file or folder renamed it will show the log for the operation, as well for new/updated files/folders according to the options you have selected, you can drive DinoDoc to only perform a simulation without changing anything which is useful to generate an Impact Report before moving any external data into your SharePoint, other options are designed to help you to upload only new files based on their dates and sizes which is a great way to prevent upload of out dated information, and all these options can be combined for a better and robust Impact Report


Notes about the Current Version

There known bugs with this first release and I will fix everything on the next release and also release new features, for more information, please visit the Issue Tracker section on this page.


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