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BUG #5 = Include a customizable "Program Options" menu


  • This option as previously stated on BUG #3, will prodivde a place where the users will store their custom options to make DinoDoc more friendly and smart, the options will include the following:
    • Overwrite Options
    • Preferred List of Destination URLs (the user will easily pick up the last destination/servers used from the main UI)
    • Optional "Save User Info" to avoid being asked again and again when using DinoDoc authenticated
    • List of Files to Ignore (yeah! right now DinoDoc uses the following criteria: . for all files, and I want to have filters!)
Closed May 26, 2012 at 6:26 AM by Alex Gonsales
This item is now part of DinoDoc and some of the functionality was incorporated in the version 1.00 Alpha Stable, the next version will be 100% functional